xmas gifts

Typology: Product Design Date: 2012 Material: metal, wood Color: wheat, black, red Status: manufactured Photo: 157+173 designers xmas gift is a small project made to be a gift for the people who visited our studio, during  an event called “creative walk”, where creative offices opened […]

Mia Feta-Feta bar, Dairy shop

Typology: Interior Design Location: Pavlou Mela 14, Thessaloniki Usage: Dairy shop, Cuisine & Bar Size: 130m² Client: Kourellas SA Construction: Contrust Date: 2013 Status: built Photo: Kostas Pappas Mia Feta – Feta bar is a unique concept store, designed for the dairy brand “Kourellas” from […]

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design competition for water boat stations

Typology: Architecture Location: Eleutherias square, Concert Hall Thessaloniki, marine of Kalamaria, Peraia Date: 2011 Usage: public water transport stations Size: 4 stations ( 400m2 (150 closed structure) each station ) Client: Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks Status: competition   Our entry to the public […]

T Ate Tate

Typology: Product Design Date: 2010 Client: Tate Modern Material: wood Color: wheat, light gray Status: competition Photo: 157+173 designers “T” ate Tate is wooden a gift card designed for a competition of Tate modern museum of contemporary arts in London, for designing a very characteristic gift. It is […]

customer gifts for Lafarge

Typology: Product design Date: 2013 Location: Thessaloniki Client: Lafarge Greece Material: cast concrete from Lafarge Color: grey, light blue, wheat, black, red, yellow Status: design concept Customer special gifts for the cement company Lafarge.  We developed various ideas, around the concept of “creating a tool”, all […]

kitchenware for Ergon

Typology: Product design Date: 2013 Location: Thessaloniki Client: Ergon Material: plywood, massif wood, metal Color: wheat, white, black Status: design concept Here are some ideas for a project that was not proceeded, wooden kitchenware for the Greek deli shop of the Greek brand Ergon. Frankestein Molder […]

Lights for Ekies resort

Typology: Product design Date: 2012 Location: Chalkidiki, Greece Client: Ekies_All Senses resort Material: plywood, metal, blackboard Color: wheat, black, white Status: manufactured Photo: 157+173 designers, Kostas Pappas    For lighting up this project we  have customised two products of 2d_products for Ekies_all senses resort, in […]

Lights for bar Home

Typology: Product design, Lighting Date: 2010 Location: Thessaloniki Client: Bar home Material: electrostatic painted metal  Color: light grey, white, dark grey Status: constructed Photo: Kostas Pappas Credits: Interior Design by Urban Soul Project Lights of Bar Home, were created based on revealing the roughness of […]

Installation for Thessaloniki Alliws

Typology: Installation Date: 2010 Location: Thessaloniki Client: Parallaxi Magazine Material: wood, metal Color: brown, black, light brown Status: one off Photo: 157+173 designers Installation made out of trash found on the streets, for the event curated by Parallaxi magazine “Thessaloniki Alliws ( 1 )”. A […]

tenekes project by Ding

Typology: Installation Date: 2013 Location: Athens Client: Ding shop Material: wood, metal Color: wheat, blue, white, gold Status: prototype Photo: 157+173 designers Our participation for a product exhibition, organized by Ding shop in Athens, concerning the re-use of the traditional feta container. This is an […]

Once Upon a Sponge_exhibition

Typology: Installation Date: 2012 Location: Athens Client: papairlines Material: sponge Color: green, yellow Status: prototype Photo: 157+173 designers papairlines proudly present the exhibition Once Upon A Sponge, which opens on Thursday the 10th of May and will last until the 16th of June 2012, at […]

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