Shelve/Lamp for small hotel

Project designed for a small hostel in Athens, that has not proceeded. This is mix furniture, a shelve with an included small lamp, designed to be installed by the double deck beds, so that a customer leaves small objects and reads a book before sleep, without […]

customer gifts for Lafarge

Here is a project for cement company Lafarge.  We developed various ideas, around the concept of “creating a tool”, all to be made of cast concrete, such as a table lamp with an adjustable take-off torch, a 10cm stamp, a level tool with thread, and a […]

kitchenware for Ergon

Here are some ideas for a project that was not proceeded, wooden kitchenware for the Greek deli shop of the Greek brand Ergon. Frankestein Molder is a tool inspired by the old style lathed wooden table legs, Feta Cheese Cutter is an widely used old tool re-designed, […]

Lights for Ekies resort

157+173 designers has customized two products of 2d_line for Ekies_all senses resort, in Chalkidiki, Greece. The products will light up 13 double rooms and equal number of bathrooms, as well as a few other spaces of the luxury design hotel. “Floor Round Lamp”:  Floor lamp, made […]

Lights for bar Home

157+173 designers has designed lights for bar Home, in Thessaloniki. Their design is rough and has a more industrial feeling, to make an interesting contrast with the old classical building which hosts the bar.

Installation for Thessaloniki Alliws

Installation made out of trash found on the streets, for the event curated by Parallaxi magazine “Thessaloniki Alliws ( 1 )”. A conceptual portrayal of an “ideas maker machine”. The installation was presented in the contemporary museum in the port of Thessaloniki

tenekes project by Ding

Our participation for a product exhibition, organized by Ding shop in Athens, concerning the re-use of the traditional feta container. This is an attempt for a small furniture that hosts for bread sticks.  

Once Upon a Sponge_exhibition

papairlines proudly present the exhibition Once Upon A Sponge, which opens on Thursday the 10th of May and will last until the 16th of June 2012, at TAF. The exhibition Once Upon A Sponge aims to showcase the different perpectives of design. Design is not just encountered in windows […]

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Benaki museum/ N.Hadjikyriakos Ghikas

157+173designers have designed two custom products for the N. Hadjikyriakos Ghikas Museum, run by Benaki museum organization, inspired by original drawings of the Greek painter. The dog is a doorstop, and the cow is a fancy blackboard & whiteboard. The products are available only through the new museum’ s […]

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line 01_concrete

Concrete* products is the result of experimenting with simple casted forms, together with added elements that give the final item a combined use, a pencil box and a desk light. Designed to look sweet and fancy, they give a vivid dimension to concrete. This is […]