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  • Studio Apartment

    Studio Apartment

    Typology: Interior design Date: 2018 Location: Thessaloniki Client: Private Material: terrazzo tiles, plywood, epoxy paint Color: white, pink, red, grey Status: constructed Photo: 157+173 designers

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  • Truth Hurts Tattoo Shop

    Truth Hurts Tattoo Shop

    Typology: Interior design, Facade Location: Navarinou 5, Thessaloniki, Greece Usage: Tattoo studio & Body piercing Size: 120 m² Client: Truth Hurts_Delos Tattoo Construction: 157+173 designers Date: 2018 Status: Built Photo: 157+173 designers TRTH HRTS ( truth hurts ) is a boutique tattoo studio in Thessaloniki. Trth hrts is designed to emit light, brightness and slick cleanliness,…

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  • Brizoλeiro Restaurant

    Typology: Interior design Location: Fragkon 3, Thessaloniki, Greece Usage: Restaurant & Take away Size: 150 m² Client: Brizoleiro Construction: AxisMedical Date: 2018 Status: Built Photo: Kostas Pappas      

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  • Passer Domesticus_Compact Living

    Typology: Interior design & building Restoration Location: Papadopoulou 3, 546 24, Thessaloniki, Greece Usage: living and experiencing Size: 45m² Client: 157+173 designers Construction: 157+173 designers Date: 2017 Status: Built Photo: Kostas Pappas, 157+173 designers Published in: Designboom, Archisearch, Divisare, Remodelista, GreeceIs Passer Domesticus is a two storey 1924 historical building designed to be in Thessaloniki center…

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  • Catalyst Cafe & Coffee Roasters

    Typology: Interior design Location: 48 Gray’s Inn road, London, UK Usage: Coffee shop and cuisine Size: 140m² Client: Catalyst Roasters Construction: Stoneforce Group, UK Date: 2016 Status: Built Photo: 157+173 designers Credits: Graphic design by DesignLDN Ltd Catalyst roasters is a speciality coffee shop. Opened in 48 Grey’s Inn road in central London, Catalyst offers…

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  • Woo(l)den Accessories

    Woo(l)den Accessories

    Typology: Product design Date: 2016 Material: 100% wool felt, cotton ribbons Dimensions: (multiple) Color: light grey Status: in studio production Photo: 157+173 designers, Girl: Theano Tsotsona (studio Intern) Published in: Wall Street Journal, Indiegogo Campaign – Indiegogo The Wool(d)en products are part of the woo(l)den carpet project. Initially designed to be “gifts/perks” of this crowdfunded based…

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  • Wool(d)en Carpets

    Wool(d)en Carpets

    Typology: Product design Date: 2014 Material: wood, wool, 100% natural Base layer: stone white felt sheet 12mm & planted magnets In-between layer : cotton ribbons and crochetes Top layer : grey felt sheet 0,6mm, cnc cut & wooden pieces Dimensions : 2,45 x 1,05 m  Thickness : 18 – 20 mm Color: wheat, light grey Status: prototype…

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  • GrEatings Restaurant Custom Lights

    Typology: Product design / Lighting Date: 2016 Location: Ionos Dragoumi 3, Thessaloniki Client: GrEatings Material: ceramic, anodised metal Color: black, deep blue, gold Status: constructed Photo: 157+173 designers Credits: Interior Design by DCA studio & FormRelated, Ceramic construction by Teras Ionos restaurant, in Thessaloniki, lighting design consists of a composition of a large metallic structure…

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  • Thria Restaurant Custom Lights

    Typology: Product design / Lighting Date: 2016 Location: Maria Kallas 1, Thessaloniki Client: Thria restaurant Material: ceramic, wood Color: black, deep blue Status: constructed Photo: courtesy of Malvi Architects  Credits: Interior Design by Malvi Architects, Ceramic part constructed by Teras Thria restaurant is a new wave restaurant in the food scene of Thessaloniki, created by…

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