• Harmonograph


    Typology: Installation Date: 2011 Location: Thessaloniki Client: Imaginaria/espacio 03 Material: metal, wood, paper Color: white, light brown, black, yellow Status: prototype Installation made for art exhibition “immaginaria 3” at Kodra x action field in Thessaloniki. This is our attempt to build a harmonograph with its pendulum arms attached into the actual ceiling of the space.

  • One Point Chair

    One Point Chair

    Typology: Installation Date: 2012 Location: Thessaloniki Client: Greek museum of modern art Material: metal, wire string, wood (mdf), insulator (dow) Color: white, grey Status: prototype   “One Point Chair” is an installation designed after invitation, for the Greek museum of modern art, as a contemporary comment on the Russian Avant Garde scene. The project  is…

  • Ideas Maker Machine

    Ideas Maker Machine

    Typology: Installation Date: 2010 Location: Thessaloniki Client: Parallaxi Magazine Material: wood, metal Color: brown, black, light brown Status: one off Photo: 157+173 designers Installation made out of trash found on the streets, for the event curated by Parallaxi magazine “Thessaloniki Alliws ( 1 )”. A conceptual portrayal of an “ideas maker machine”. The installation was…

  • Tenekes Project

    Tenekes Project

    Typology: Installation Date: 2013 Location: Athens Client: Ding shop Material: wood, metal Color: wheat, blue, white, gold Status: prototype Photo: 157+173 designers Our participation for a product exhibition, organized by Ding shop in Athens, concerning the re-use of the traditional feta container. This is an attempt for a small furniture that hosts for bread sticks.…

  • Once Upon A Sponge

    Once Upon A Sponge

    Typology: Installation Date: 2012 Location: Athens Client: papairlines Material: sponge Color: green, yellow Status: prototype Photo: 157+173 designers papairlines proudly present the exhibition Once Upon A Sponge, which opens on Thursday the 10th of May and will last until the 16th of June 2012, at TAF. The exhibition Once Upon A Sponge aims to showcase the different perpectives…

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