157+173 designers

Inspired by a mood for experimentation and innovation, together with their spontaneous pleasure for progression, projects of peculiar character are being born.

With an intense sense of materiality, a tenacity for fine detail and a continuous exploration on the form, they design spaces & objects of a unique style and strong presence, with a fine balance between different textures.

Since formed in 2009 by architects Babis Papanikolaou & Christina Tsirangelou, they have designed numerous spaces, including hotel, shop and house interiors, while also designed and self-released product collections, mostly around lighting and house utilities and tailored products for client’s projects.

Their much involvement in the actual construction on both scales, architectural & product, gives them the ability of better understanding on their designs, unfurls different ways of construction, and evolves their design skills.

Their work has been presented through a notable list of national and international design magazines, sites & blogs, newspapers and educational institutions, while they retain a frequent presence as exhibitors in design exhibitions around Europe, gaining substantial attention.