Passer Domesticus_Compact Living



Passer Domesticus is a two storey 1924 historical building, reborn into a unique compact living space for short term habitation and city break experiences. Originally a tradesman’s fabrics shop and later a fishing accessories store, Passer Domesticus is dedicated to modern urban living, along with experiencing much of its past era atmosphere. The aim of the project is to enable people live into a street level shop environment, and feel the city’s vibe from a closer, warmer and more personal perspective, an experience found in small scale societies, greek villages and city neighbourhoods of the past.

Passer Domesticus aims to additionally offer private – in place – experiences to its guests, such as exclusive dinners, private small music concerts, small exhibitions hosting and guided historic retrospectives. Passer Domesticus is a little oasis inside the urban environment, a nest to host all romantic urban nomads.




Instagram : @the.passer.domesticus