woo(l)den products

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Typology: Product design
Date: 2016
Material: 100% wool felt, cotton ribbons
Dimensions: (multiple)
Color: light grey
Status: in studio production
Photo: 157+173 designers, Girl: Theano Tsotsona (studio Intern)

Published in: Wall Street Journal, Indiegogo Campaign – Indiegogo


The Wool(d)en products are part of the woo(l)den carpet project. Initially designed to be “gifts/perks” of this crowdfunded based project, now they are independently manufactured products in studio production.
Their material, a thick, natural woollen layer of felt or “ketses” in Greek, the leading element in the design, as within its limits of bending it creates a “u” end shape and never completely folds.  After machine cut and engraved, it is bent and sewn across the desired parts.

Felt is one of the oldest textiles. This natural product is applied in industry, engineering and design, protecting and helping people for centuries and having as a result a fine ecological product with a soft texture that is at the same time strong and durable.
The Slippers are considered as “travellers’ slippers”.
The Charging case is designed to hang from a socket while the cellphone is plugged in.
The Backpack is designed in “laptop’s dimensions” and can roll up to be even smaller. The cathouse is designed as a sack and has a handle in order to lift and move it easily around the space.

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