Wool(d)en Carpets

Typology: Product design
Date: 2014
Material: wood, wool, 100% natural
Base layer: stone white felt sheet 12mm & planted magnets
In-between layer : cotton ribbons and crochetes
Top layer : grey felt sheet 0,6mm, cnc cut & wooden pieces
Dimensions : 2,45 x 1,05 m 
Thickness : 18 – 20 mm
Color: wheat, light grey
Status: prototype
Photo: Kostas Pappas

Published in: Wall Street Journal, Indiegogo Campaign, Indiegogo




Woo(l)den carpets are carpets made of wool & wood.

Fishbone is the first prototype of the project called Woo(l)den carpets, which are carpets designed with the use of wool and wood and inspired by familiar floor patterns, such as herringbone in this case. It is designed to stand in-between a woollen carpet and a wooden floor, combining soft woollen feel with the sense of a solid wooden floor, in one product. By walking on it you get a unique sense. Fishbone carpet is a 100% natural product, composed by 100% woollen felt layers produced by a local Greek industry of felt. Wooden parts are manufactured by massif maple Canadian wood, cut into 9mm layers combined with the felt beneath, with a set of 4 embodied magnets at each part.


Future evolution
We designed wool(d)en carpets to share what we believe is a progress in carpets and flooring. Two patterns have been studied so far, Fishbone and Square, and have been receiving remarkable comments from public ever since. 



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