lights for Thria Restaurant

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Typology: Product design / Lighting
Date: 2016
Location: Maria Kallas 1, Thessaloniki
Client: Thria restaurant
Material: ceramic, wood
Color: black, deep blue
Status: constructed
Photo: courtesy of Malvi Architects 
Credits: Interior Design by Malvi Architects, Ceramic part constructed by Teras



Thria restaurant is a new wave restaurant in the food scene of Thessaloniki, created by a team of young chefs, aiming at a high level food experience and quality. The interior design, projects the high quality and professional level of the restaurant by using dark shades of brown-grey wood and metal. The lighting fixtures constantly designed for the restaurant, aim to insert a more natural and earthy feeling to the space using two “warm” materials, wood and ceramic. The lighting fixture design consists of three different models combining natural birch, wood and ceramic body, designed in a way to leave a small gap between the two, to let the light come off as a small bright ring, and help lighten up the object itself.
Lights are positioned in the area of the restaurant above every table in a low height, in order to create a very focused area on the level of the table.