Solid & Lathed products

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Typology: Product Design
Date: 2013 – 2014
Material: wood, concrete, cork
Color: wheat, light grey
Status: in studio production
Photo: Kostas Pappas, 157+173 designers




Solid & Lathed is the second line of our own production products, designed in 2013-2014.

Based on Stereometry, Solid and Lathed series of products is formed, as part of Line 02products, to quest the diversity and variety of 3d forms that materialize by the rotation of a 2d mathematical shape, around an axes. Simple, yet interesting and familiar objects, coming from the rotation of basic curves and straight lines, stress this simplicity of the origin. The bare construction materials, wood and metal, deliberately betray their origins, as a key part of the products’ aesthetic quality. Objects are made off simple materials and creative design, to derive a fresh disposal.