Furniture for Ekies resort

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Typology: Product design
Date: 2015
Client: Ekies_All senses resort
Material: copper, wood, leather
Color: copper, wheat, white
Status: manufactured
Photo: Christos Theologou
Credits: Architectural design by Sparch architects, 2008
Rooms 301-307 in Ekies in Vourvourou, Chalkidiki, is a group of rather minimal rooms, with intense use of white coloured surfaces, which makes them very bright and impressive, but they also felt somehow “cold” for a summer resort. Adding very warm materials, such as cooper, wood and leather, we designed the new furniture series, so that they can stand out of the white environment, and make the feeling more earthy. 
Designed to be minimal in forms and with a reference to the Greek tradition due to the extensive use of leather, while wooden parts are painted with a more contemporary fade-to-white technique. Designed to be easily used by a hotel guest (who usually does not wish to bother a lot) as they mostly have an “open feel”.

In total, we designed a large and a narrow hanged wardrobe,  hanger installation, sofa for the room, sofa for the rooms’ yard, short tables and stools.