Wooden Doorhandles

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Typology: Product design
Date: 2014
Client: Benaki museum
Material: wood
Color: wheat, black
Status: manufactured
Photo: Kostas Pappas and 157+173 designer
catalogue image_web


Wooden doorhandles are inspired by designs on ancient Greek amphoras and murals.

Originally designed for Benaki museum, they later became part of our self production, wooden doorhandles extract a natural feeling ,to refer to their source of inspiration.

Patterns and figures are kindly re-designed to gain a fresher feel, but still at the same time, remain as recognizable ancient figures that communicate us with our history.

Patterns and figures are silkscreened onto a lathed half-sphere beech wood piece of 3 different sizes.

Their packaging includes a hard cardboard, also printed with the same as the doorhandles motives, where a wooden doorhandles are attached onto.


140603_MG_1844 web

140603_MG_1848 web

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