Flat renovation

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Typology: Interior Design
Location: Megalou Aleksandrou 15, Thessaloniki
Usage: kitchen, bathroom, storages
Size: – m²
Client: private
Construction: 157+173 designers
Date: 2014
Status: built
Photo: 157+173 designers



This is a partial flat renovation that refers to the kitchen, the main bathroom and all the closets of a 140 square meter family apartment, on the 6th floor of 15 Megalou Aleksandrou avenue, in a 70’s building , in Thessaloniki. We tried to achieve a mixed atmosphere of  “modernity” and “classicality”, having in mind not to disturb the simplicity of the rest of the space. Thus, we indulged ourselves in an everyday, simple and elegant design, based on the two colors, that the house already had: white and the natural color of oak wood. The use of shiny coated wooden boards and white painted metal, combined with the fine porcelain washbasin and the inox steel equipment, created the perfect environment for the kitchen.

The kitchen, in total 10 square meters, is designed as “a thick line” in the middle of the room, in order to work from both sides. The preparation of the meal is made from the sink side, while serving is done from the other side, where the user can also use stools to enjoy a quick meal onto the wooden surface. Above the main kitchen bench, a linear metallic self  is put to facilitate the hanging cooking pots and equipment. Next to the fridge, a light grey closet is provided for storing food, and together it serves as a volume that separates and encases-in, the fridge from the rest of the synthesis. Two hanged white metallic selves, add more self storage space and create a quick serving spot for breakfast and coffee equipment, as the owner wanted.

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The bathroom, in total 5 square meters, has a full height mirror with a tab coming out of it. White storage closets, store everything the user needs in a bathroom and leave the space tidy and calm. Having a base line of wooden boxes on wheels, serving as multi-functional storage space, the wardrobes are designed with a full height elevation, divided into 4 thin doors. 

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