Ekies Resort Custom Lights

Typology: Product design
Date: 2012
Location: Chalkidiki, Greece
Client: Ekies_All Senses resort
Material: plywood, metal, blackboard
Color: wheat, black, white
Status: manufactured
Photo: 157+173 designers, Kostas Pappas 



For lighting up this project we  have customised two products of 2d_products for Ekies_all senses resort, in Chalkidiki, Greece. The products will light up 13 double rooms and equal number of bathrooms, as well as a few other spaces of the luxury design hotel. Floor Round Lamp  is a floor lamp, made of plywood and metal, with a blackboard round finish. Operates as an indirect light source, by projecting light onto the surrounding wall, and at the same time create a light bulb shape effect, on its cut-through top front surface. Ceiling Industrial Lamp is a ceiling lamp, made of plywood. With adjustable height and rotated joints, it operates as a diffusion light.


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