Passer Domesticus_Compact Living

Passer Domesticus is a two storey 1924 historical building, reborn into a unique compact living space for short term habitation and city break experiences. Originally a tradesman’s fabrics shop and later a fishing accessories store, Passer Domesticus is dedicated to modern urban living, along with […]

Catalyst Coffee Roasters

Catalyst roasters is a speciality coffee shop. Opened in 48 Grey’s Inn road in central London, Catalyst offers its own coffee blend roasted on its basement, together with a Global – Mediterranean based cuisine for breakfast, branch, lunch and dinner, and a selection of quality […]

woo(l)den gifts

“Woo(l)den“, is our 3rd line of products, which consist of carpets and accessories designed of wood & wool.   Woo(l)den Slippers   Woo(l)den charging case   Woo(l)den pad case   Woo(l)den backpack Woo(l)den Cat House  

Wool(d)en carpets_FISHBONE

  Support our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo !   WHAT IS woo(l)den fishbone* carpet FIshbone* is a carpet made of wool & wood.  It is the first prototype of the project called Wool(d)en carpets, which are carpets designed with the use of wool and wood […]

lights for Gr.Eatings

  Lights we designed for GrEatings Stoa Dragoumi eating place in Thessaloniki. Hanging black and deep blue ceramic lights, are designed to add a cute curvy small element, in front of the frames on the wall proposed by the architects.  The ceramic lights will lit […]

Lights for Thria

Ceramic and wood lights we designed for restaurant Thria in Thessaloniki. They are designed to leave a small gap between the ceramic part and the wood, to let the light come off as a small bright ring, and help lighten up the object itself. Three different models, […]

Lemon Icecream invitation

Summer style wedding invitations for friends George and Veta. The event took place in a seaside church in Chalkidiki, and their after-party on a nice beach bar, 2 steps by the sea.  

lights for Toms

Toms is an international brand which has a very unique and strong identity, both on it’s concept and the store designs. Thessaloniki’s store is also very unique by itself, as it located in an old classical building which survives its interior beauty and atmosphere. A […]

lights for Pizza Please

Light installation on the ceiling of  Pizza Please store in Thessaloniki, designed by copper , black metal and fluorescent lamps. Light design & concept by 157+173 designers Interior design by Formrelated

Keyholders for Ekies hotel

This is a project made from the material left after manufacturing various furniture for the hotel’s rooms. Leather was re-shaped into rectangular pieces, and then laser cut with the animal figures ( originally drawn by beetroot). The leather shapes were then pinched and the painted ring […]

Furniture for Ekies

Rooms 301-307 in”ekies all senses resort ” in Vourvourou, Chalkidiki., is a group of rather minimal rooms, with intense use of white colored surfaces, which makes them very bright and impressive, but they also felt somehow “cold” for a summer resort. Also, a recent winter flood, destroyed the pre-existing […]

Wooden Doorhandles

Wooden doorhandles are inspired by designs on ancient Greek amphoras and murals. Originally designed for Benaki museum, they later became part of our self production, wooden doorhandles extract a natural feeling ,to refer to their source of inspiration. Patterns and figures are kindly re-designed to […]

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